Common Plumbing Leaks in homes

Plumbing leaks are a common occurrence in any home. It can happen on pipes, in faucets, in toilets, and even on showerheads. It is best for every property owner to quickly address these leaks as foregoing professional leak repairs could result in water damage, an increase in utility bills, structural damage, and even pest infestation. 

Leaks account for a sizeable chunk of wasted water. Apart from the natural resource that is being wasted, the leaking water also represents a figurative hole in the household budget. 

Faucets can also leak, and usually this is due to corrosion and wear and tear. Either way, a plumber can help evaluate if the plumbing fixture needs replacement

Dealing with pipe leaks

Pipe leaks are only obvious when the location of the leak is visible to the naked eye. This means that if the leak is in the pipes that are behind the wall, or running from underneath the flooring, then it is more difficult to discover. It is crucial therefore that homeowners are mindful of the signs of a hidden leak.

And like obvious leaks, homeowners should immediately seek professional help in repairing such plumbing issues. 

Common causes of leaking water pipes include clogs, corrosion, wear and tear, temperature, and external impact. For these reasons, homeowners should do what they can to prevent clogs, try their best to avoid using corrosive formulas that promise to clear pipes and winterize their plumbing fixtures during the coldest season of the year.  

Homeowners should also schedule periodic plumbing maintenance that could accurately assess the condition of the pipes. If the pipes are up for replacement, then the homeowner should have them upgraded as soon as he can.

Toilet leaks 

Leaky toilets are also common in households. It can easily cause utility bills to increase since runny toilets keep on leaking water to the bowl. Homeowners should check the toilet tank to see if the fixtures within are correctly in place. If it is, but still the toilet continues to leak then it is best to call in a plumbing contractor for help. 

Another plumbing fixture that could leak in the bathroom is the showerhead. If the leak persists even after trying to tighten the showerhead then there could be an issue within the plumbing contraption.

Get in touch with a plumber who can help. Faucets can also leak, and usually, this is due to corrosion and wear and tear. Either way a plumber can help evaluate if the plumbing fixture needs replacement. The bathtub can also leak, and this issue must be left for professionals to deal with.

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